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Hello friends! It has been almost a year since Solar Studios' website went live. So much has changed. The blog is approaching almost 50 articles. Now is as good a time as any to create a consolidated directory for you to easily navigate the thousands of words of lore, mechanics, and team updates. If you're new here, there's never been a better time to click on something that intrigues you. We will pin this post to the top of the Blog and regularly update here with everything new.

Thousands of people in more than 100 countries around the world have interacted with and read through our articles on the website. As always, wherever you are, thank you for hopping aboard the World Ship. Believe us, Redsky is just getting started.

Blog Articles

Table of Contents

  1. The World of Dema

  2. Lore Spotlights

  3. The Elements

  4. All About the TTRPG

  5. Dev Updates and Behind the Scenes

  6. Creation Kit

  7. Art

  8. Redsky Fiction

  9. Misc.

1. The World of Dema

The World of Dema – Map Reveal - Today is a day for grand reveals! See Matt's hard work on display as we briefly describe every location on the brand new world map of Dema.

Dema’s History and Timeline - Here's how historical recordkeeping across Dema is kept, along with major events from each of the Four Eras.

The Six Peoples of Dema - Here is a short, simple breakdown of the six sentient species and their cultures inhabiting the world of Dema.

Slavery in Dema - The team would like to clarify our stance of the presence of involuntary servitude in the Redsky setting, and briefly list related factions.

Sex and Gender in Dema - Ken has made this easy to refer to article for the various sex, sexuality, and gender norms present in Dema.

Monster Mania - By popular demand, Ken has begun this bestiary of the dozens of monsters and creatures that you will encounter in every corner of Dema.

The Wonders of Eldertech - Ken is excited to share this brief bit about Eldertech. What is it? What opportunities does it open up for your campaigns?

The Simulacrum - Alternate worlds. Simulated realities. Dema in all its sandbox possibilities. In the spirit of today's culture, "What if?"

Archivist Art and Faith - Our players and readers may run into an Archivist or two on the Path of Zenyecrot. Here is a short bit on what moves millions of Eltayans.

2. Lore Spotlights

Lore Spotlight: The Solar Hegemony - With decades of lore and plans for world supremacy, no story of humans in Dema is complete without learning about the Solar Hegemony.

Lore Spotlight: Mundi and the Hominid Dominion - A metropolis without compare! Read about the great culture of Mundi. You'll never forget your time in the crossroads of Dema.

Lore Spotlight: The Red Desert - We have a special love for this location. Race your landship through an apocalyptic waste of strigoi in the crimson sand. Witness us!

Lore Spotlight: Filo' Ya - An unforgettable cast of leaders is explored in the Conversion Book. Have a sneak peek at one villain, The Great Filo' Ya of The Auric.

Lore Spotlight: Sunbleak City - Sunbleak City is the anarchic main frontier settlement of the Wastes. Read about all there is to see in this gateway to the Warm Shores.

Lore Spotlight: Panacea - Read about the untamed continent of The Midlands, home to an eternally lit rainforest brimming with drama, danger, and adventure.

Lore Spotlight: Clan Hiremai - Have a quick read about the Waparaka-drinking, eldritch god-worshipping Wakewalkers of one of the largest clans in the Midnight Isles.

Lore Spotlight: The Cairnkeepers - Wastelanders know it is only your wits and warm furs that keep out the chill on the Frostrite. Read about the hardy inhabitants of Tallon.

Lore Spotlight: Tohol Sporespawn - Prepare for light to be shed on an otherworldly species of Dema. The sixth folk of our world, the saga of their hive mind Tohol is explored.

Lore Spotlight: The Freespawn of Ikhish - Meet the free Sporespawn of Ikhish. Scholarly and caught in an endless war, their fates will be tied to the actions of your heroes in the coming playtest.

Lore Spotlight: The Thalkast - Here's a brief snapshot of The Thalkast, endless miles of underground chambers and tunnels hosting a separate world beneath Dema.

Lore Spotlight: Clan Jana'haki - Happy Holidays! What better way to celebrate Dema than to hear a short primer on the Wakewalker terrors of the seas, Clan Jana'haki!

3. The Elements

A Bit About the Elements - Here is a super simple rundown on Elemental Dualism, a guiding thought system for the Redsky world lore and game design.

Elemental Dualism - Join Alex as he gives an extended behind-the-scenes look into the creation of The Elements.

The Art of the Elements - The final art for Redsky's six Elements has arrived! In this article, Alex and Matt discuss how they visually designed them.

Elemental Synthesis: The Virtue Ethics of Elemental Dualism - Every Element comes with its own virtues and vices. In this article, Alex explores this idea and develops an ethics for Elemental Dualism.

4. All About the TTRPG

Approaching Our Redsky 5e Conversion Book - The Conversion Book's Project Head Ken walks us through his vision for the mechanics players will use and some of his thoughts on the hobby.

Let’s Talk Fantasy and Redsky Tabletop Gaming - Brandon comes forth with his wisdom on Fantasy-storytelling. Here's how the genre has shaped our design, and what that means for players.

Social Encounters - Brandon talks about a new core mechanic of the 5e conversion book - the social encounter system. With it, your quests will be unforgettable.

5. Dev Updates and Behind the Scenes

Who We Are, What We’re About - Brandon chats briefly about what our small indie team is trying to accomplish with Redsky.

Redsky Is ‘Star Wars’ Meets ‘Earthsea’ - Here is a interview-style chat with two of Redsky's creators about the inspiration and design of our science-fantasy universe's lore.

It Is Done! Reflecting on the Journey So Far - [Jun. 17, 2021] Holy Moly! $66,000! Our backers and community have helped guarantee Redsky's future. Alex takes a moment to reflect on the journey so far.

Funded in 90 Minutes! Let’s Go Even Higher! – Update - [May 20, 2021] The team wanted to keep you in the loop. We are beyond humbled that the fundraiser is going so well. Let's keep going!

Here We Go! Tomorrow Is the Redsky Fundraiser Launch - [May 17, 2021] Here's everything you need to know about launch day tomorrow, plus some quick words from each team member. Whatever happens next, thank you.

Here’s How You Can Shape Redsky’s Future – Update - [Apr 22, 2021] The fundraiser is one month away! Tyler wants you to know all of the exciting ways you could create your own content in Dema if we succeed.

Redsky is Thriving – Update - [Jan 21, 2020] We're as excited as you all are! The team would like to say some quick thanks, as well as keep you all updated on our progress and plans.

6. The Creation Kit

Name Your Characters – Creation Kit Pt. 1 - Use these handy tips to name a unique character in Dema that fits with the lore of each species!

Ways To Homebrew – Creation Kit Pt. 2 - Ken has made prompts for every primary culture and location your characters might hail from. Check out the futuristic Simulacrum at the end!

Using The Elements – Creation Kit Pt. 3 - The Elements are a fun way to track traits for personalities and groups. Use these tables to play with how your creations can grow.

7. Art

Turians, Skaven, Archivists: Designing A New Species Pt. 1 - Join our Art Director Matt as he walks us through each step in imagining and depicting a brand new fictional species - The Archivists.

Designing A Species Pt. 2: Sporespawn - Matt is back with another exploration into the creative process for a Redsky species. What makes a Sporespawn a Sporespawn?

So You Want To Be An Art Director - Here's a behind the scenes look into what it's like art directing a universe. Matt spends countless hours collaborating to bring you Redsky.

8. Redsky Fiction

The Raconteur’s (Ad)ventures - Want to write fantasy? Help build a bookmobile? Talk to famous authors? The raconteur Alex Dawson can make it happen. Here's how.

The First Lesson – Excerpt - Here's an exclusive excerpt from the first Redsky novel, which will be made available in full until publication to our Kickstarter backers.

The Wild Hunt – Excerpt - Here's an exclusive excerpt from the first Redsky novel, which will be made available in full until publication to our Kickstarter backers.

The Ka’Bar Run - Ken brings the Red Desert to life in a short story. Will the Amshili and her unwanted passenger survive a run in with nightmares-incarnate?

Fruits of Stone - This snippet of lore from an ancient tome recounts the distant past of Mundi, and the two artists who would topple an empire.

Archivist Daily Life - Journey with a Scholasta anthropologist to the heartland of the Athenaeum, where hermit Archivist kingdoms hold to proud traditions.

Perunir and the Great Zmey - Have a quick laugh with a folktale from Dema. How will two crotchety Archivists save the world from a beast beyond belief?

The Maldormacs Are Back - Happy Halloween! Here's a short snapshot of one of Dema's spookiest monsters. Whatever you do, ignore the cries for help.

9. Misc.

The Jade Feather: Hero Classes - Elite adventurers gain entry to The Jade Feather, the greatest hub of heroes in Dema. Listen to its owner talk about the classes to meet.


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