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Adventure Awaits In The Silverleaf Wilds

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Somewhere in the Silverleaf Wilds

~Untold Danger Ahead For High-Level Players Only~

The Silverleaf Wilds might forever hold more questions than answers. Of those foolish enough to enter, only a lucky few ever emerge. And almost without exception, survivors refuse to speak in detail about the nightmares they encountered.

~A Terrifying Mystery~

Those who have stumbled upon the Silverleaf Wilds suggest that they lie miles within the largely uninhabited, dense jungles of the south-eastern Midlands. Yet their exact location remains unknown, and most who set out to find them return empty-handed. In fact, the very existence of the Silverleaf Wilds is denied by many throughout the Gilded States.

It is said the famous Featherfolk adventurer Sheri' Din once located the heart of the Silverleaf Wilds, though she never confirmed how or what she found.

The Silverleaf Wilds are suffocated by deadly silver flora which hide an incomprehensibly extensive series of abandoned structures. These ruins contain colossal geometries with no analogue to any of Dema’s known cultures. These ashes of some long-dead civilization are sheared into pieces by mighty silver trees that tower next to spires and temple walls.

Citadels and palaces crumble beneath choking growths of silver leaves and vines. Lakes of molten purple metal pool beneath collapsed structures and trickle out from countless crevices. Only the dead can call the Silverleaf Wilds home, and the dead shall keep it.

~Deadly Wildlife and Flora~

Hundreds of species of parasitic and predatory insects infest the Silverleaf Wilds. Skittering silver Arthrec are capable of blanketing the jungle floor in minutes, stripping flesh from bone. Carnivorous Slugworms several feet in length ooze out of the mud to consume their unsuspecting prey alive. Skullflies plague the jungle like airborne ticks. They latch themselves inconspicuously on their prey before drilling deep down to suckle the bone marrow.

Lumbering reptilian Sauragash eat from the silver leaves in abandoned clearings miles long. The dense armored plates on their hides are hardened by alloys leached from an unexplored Eldertech structure that lies beneath the surface.

The deadly flora of the Silverleaf Wilds regrow over any path cut through them within hours, making navigation all but impossible.

Several species of large fungus detonate spores with explosive force at the slightest touch, eviscerating anything unfortunate enough to graze them at the wrong angle. The Obelisks of Mandyas serve as untrustworthy landmarks. The Obelisks are a series of monuments depicting many strange faces that soar above the canopy. No explanation has ever been found for why the same Obelisk can seem to change locations entirely if it falls out of an adventurer’s sight.

~the Bones of Lost Precursors~

The Auric once sent an entire Combine mercenary company to locate and exploit the Wilds.They were never seen again.

The anthropological logs of the famous Scholasta Archaeologian Noreb Creyan indicate that the entire population of the Silverleaf Wilds vanished at the same time millennia ago, leaving valuable materials and tools where they lay. By Noreb's rough estimates, the bounty of the Silverleaf Wilds is of near legendary value, with ruin vaults containing rare ores like tethrium and faromite that cannot be found anywhere else. When Noreb Creyan returned to the Silverleaf Wilds in 67 LS to document more of their secrets, he never returned.

~Is Your Adventuring Party Brave Enough To Try?~

Will you find fortune or catastrophe on your expedition to the faraway Silverleaf Wilds? The monsters native to the Wilds are some of the rarest and most dangerous in all the world, and would fetch a high price in the Mundi fighting pits. Rumors abound that the Wilds contain a fountain that flows with an orange heal-all liquid. World-class explorers have searched for the Silverleaf Wilds and disappeared. Will you trace their long-forgotten trails and discover their fates? Will you pry into skeletal ruins and unearth the secrets that lie there?


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