Experience a new 5E conversion,
tailored for a different kind of Fantasy Gaming



The World of Dema


The next immersive universe is here. Welcome to the science-fantasy world of Redsky. With diverse cultures and an epic history spanning centuries of deep lore, the lands of Dema are hand-crafted for dynamic storytelling and making memories. Lead Sporespawn armies deep underground as a commander of the Hive Halls. Carve through frozen mountain temples as an Archivist searching for Eldertech relics. Set sail with your Wakewalker clan to slay leviathan Deep Ones from the inside out. The greatest tales of The Redsky Cycle are waiting for you to weave with your friends.

Explore an original Universe years in the making


Our flagship 5E conversion is designed for both veterans and newcomers to jump right in. We fine-tuned game rules and innovative new mechanics to create a rich yet streamlined experience for players and game masters alike. Our Kickstarter fundraiser ended June 17th after raising over 660% of the fundraising goal. This has guaranteed Redsky's future. It's not too late to pre-order materials from the page. Hours of adventure await. Let your party venture forth!

A Conversion by Players, for Players



A Vast Mythology


A Peek At The Redsky Novels

Dema is a massive space for creative fiction. An upcoming series of books follows Jayne Erindera, a Nightrider thrall with a powerful secret who comes of age as her journey entwines with the fate of Dema, and Tegin Cang, a human legionnaire swept up in the greatest threat to face the Solar Hegemony yet: Jayne. Early-Access to the first novel is being given for free to over 1100 Kickstarter backers. You can be one of them by late pledging! Check out excerpts on our Updates page now.

The Beginning Of A New Community

We’re at the start of many more Redsky experiences planned for the days to come. Our dream is to see this shared creation become as vibrant as the pop-culture we’re inspired by. Help us grow our love letter to all things science fiction and fantasy by getting involved early. We can’t wait to share our stories, and to see your own.


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