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Tyler Jae Gamba is a graduate of the Rutgers University – New Brunswick Creative Writing program, where he began work on what would become the world of Redsky, a science fantasy extended universe that has gone from dorm room idea to rising international presence. Through his time as a Rutgers student and alumni, Tyler participated in workshops, special international events, and masterclasses with writers including Lev Grossman, Dave Rudden, Michael Swanwick, Darren Shan, Deirdre Sullivan, Mark Doty, Tracy K. Smith, and George Saunders. He has performed his work at venues in England, Scotland, the Republic of Ireland as well as the United States.

Tyler co-founded Solar Studios with the team to explore Redsky through a young-adult novel trilogy and the team’s flagship tabletop roleplaying conversion.


Arise is the first novel, available on the Solar Studios storefront and in a slow initial rollout to vendors like Barnes and Noble. He is currently exploring strategies to publish the rest of the trilogy through traditional or independent means, with the goal of a long-term pipeline of Redsky experiences for the expanding community.

Tyler Gamba
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