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Tyler Jae Gamba is a graduate of the Rutgers University – New Brunswick Creative Writing program. Arise is Tyler's first novel. It was originally published on November 22, 2022. The novel Arise's marketing campaign begins Spring 2023. Both Solar Studio's Redsky 5e's core book and the novel Arise are already available on the Solar Studios storefront (also available as a 5e Core Book PDFand the novel Arise's Hardcover and e-book). The novels can also be found in initial rollout on distributors like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, proudly self-published via IngramSpark. Tyler is currently exploring strategies to publish the rest of the trilogy through traditional or independent means. The team's goal is a long-term pipeline of Redsky experiences for the expanding community. Tyler's goal as a novelist is more YA science fantasy short and long-form fiction that makes others feel less alone.

Tyler lives in New Jersey. His middle name "Jae" is his South Korean birth name. He is a naturally-Americanized Korean American adoptee into a Polish-Italian-American but mostly culturally Italian (cough-cough-wink) household. This is why, when asked (don't, Tyler will think you're not joking and try to comfort you until you can find the right Exit on the Turnpike) Tyler insists the state's beloved deli meat is technically officially supposed to be called pork roll, but from where Tyler's from, is known as and will be defended to the death by him and every last local man, woman, and teenager, "in on the joke," as Taylor Ham. Happy Reading and avala!

Writing Background

A writer first, Tyler Gamba's primary job is to develop many onsite and remote creative works for the world of Redsky with his team of co-founders at Solar Studios. Solar Studios created the world of Redsky, a science-fantasy-genre multimedia Extended Universe currently rising from his team's dorm room ideas into a pop-culture presence. As a Rutgers - New Brunswick College Avenue student in Demarest Hall from 2014-2018, Tyler Gamba participated in many advanced Creative Writing workshop sessions, special international events, and masterclasses. These featured writers like former Time Magazine Book Critic and author of The Magicians (As later seen live-action on SyFy and Netflix) Lev Grossman, the BBC's Doctor Who novelist Dave Rudden, and renowned Hugo Award-winning author of the 1980s era of science fiction Michael Swanwick - whose work has since been adapted into Netflix's Love, Death, and Robots episodes across multiple seasons.


For Horror and Supernatural American fiction, his mentor since 2015 is Professor Alexander Dawson of Rutgers University. One of his undergraduate English-Creative Writing Honors Thesis advisors was the acclaimed Queer Literature poet and memoirist Mark Doty. As an undergraduate, Tyler Gamba also attended one-evening masterclasses with the former Poet Laureate of America Tracy K. Smith and Booker Prize winner George Saunders. As an alumni, Tyler has since performed his work at venues at events in multiple countries of the United Kingdom (UK), and the Republic of Ireland.


He most recently performed his work in February 2023 in his home country, the United States of America, at The Players (Club) in Manhattan, NYC with eleven other writers. The many current and former students of Alexander Dawson opened for World Fantasy Award author Ellen Kushner, best known for Swordspoint and her 1980s choose-your-own-adventure books.

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