A Breathtaking Science-Fantasy 5e Conversion Book

The Redsky RPG is a 5e-compatible total conversion book set in the science-fantasy world of Dema: a classical-era world on the inside of a worldship. The book contains:

  • 5 new playable sentients

  • Unique elemental alignments

  • Enhanced social encounters

  • Beautiful art and 100+ pages of rich lore

  • Four brand new classes and two familiar classes overhauled

  • Rare Eldertech to collect, and dozens of new monsters to slay

  • And so much more!

Successfully funded on Kickstarter! Ships Q4 2022! Get the PDF now on Backerkit!

Depiction of the Redsky RPG core book

* Cover not final


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What’s so unique about Redsky?

Redsky is a new kind of science-fantasy universe. Imagine a classical-era world full of political intrigue, war, and giant monsters. Now add five completely unique nonhuman sentients all with their own civilizations. Hitch it to a rich elemental alignment system designed by a philosopher. Then put it inside a gigantic spaceship and throw a series of civilization-ending apocalypses at it. That’s Redsky.

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Redsky’s setting is designed for fantasy adventures

Classical fantasy is where the world of antiquity meets magic and dragons.

Redsky is where the world of antiquity meets laser swords and genetically modified dragons. Rare artifacts called ‘Eldertech’ are so advanced and mysterious that they seem like magic to the classical-era citizens of Dema.

In the world of Redsky, politics and resource wars matter just as much as the giant sea monster invasions and apocalyptic swarms of metal spiders on the horizon. Redsky is a world where the impossible fantasy adventures we all love are finally made possible by the technology of the distant future.


Nightriders thunder across the steppes of the Moon Realm in honor bound tribes atop their mighty steeds. One tribe almost conquered humanity. Others train elite corps of warriors. Some hunt on the dark side of the world, or stare down death itself in the frigid sub-zero wilds. 

Six Sentient Species Fighting to Survive


Welcome to the World of Dema

  • Home to 6 completely different sentients and civilizations, each vying for territory and resources

  • 25+ unique locations

  • 20+ unique cultures

  • 100+ years of war, history, and other deep lore

  • A series of apocalyptic threats called ‘Redsky Events’ that eventually destroy the world in a crescendo of violence

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