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Civilizations Rise
In the Hull

A Science-Fantasy 5e Conversion Book


Redsky is a total conversion book for 5e. It’s a brand new science-fantasy universe. Sword and spear civilizations clash on the inside of a massive spaceship.

What’s so unique
about Redsky?

Redsky is a new kind of science-fantasy universe. Imagine a magicless, classical-era world. It’s full of political intrigue, war between humans and nonhumans, and rampaging monsters. Now put it inside a gigantic spaceship. Only, the cultures in the hull don’t know the awful truth about their world. In the end, the sky will turn blood red. Civilizations will collapse. Almost everyone will die. That’s Redsky.


The book contains:

  A magicless setting with

     130+ pages of rich lore

  A more grounded experience

     redesigned for a cap at 10th level

  Rarer healing and

     more tactical combat

  A new alignment system
     that goes beyond good and evil


  A new social encounter system

  Four brand new classes

  5 new playable sentients

  And so much more!


Designed as a total conversion for 5e, Redsky provides a much more grounded experience. In this magicless setting, progression was completely redesigned for a cap at 10th level. Healing takes more time and combat is more tactical. In a world of swords and spears, awe friends and foes with powerful Eldertech artifacts.

Go beyond good and evil with Redsky’s new elemental alignments. New rules for social encounters, weather, and exploration open the door to a whole new way to play 5e.

Elemental Alignment

Elemental Dualism is a unique alignment system that shapes how characters and their societies interact in Dema. These three spectra inform personalities and faction traits. While each of the six species gravitates toward an element naturally, the full range of choices can be applied for any unique combination you wish.


Six Sentient Species Fighting to Survive

In the centuries before the end, Humanity’s solar legions march on the world, unconquered, unbroken. They clash with the bold cavalry lords of the Nightriders, thundering across the steppe.


Deep underground, the Sporespawn invent new technologies to stem the tide of the merciless brass automata. Hundreds of miles away, Featherfolk travel across seas, sands, and jungles on their quests for coin and adventure. Some make their way to the perilous Red Desert, where they loot rare and powerful Eldertech with flocks of nightmarish beasts hot on their tails.



Hearty Wakewalkers detonate explosives inside the hearts of eldritch abominations to feed their hungry clans. Meanwhile, stoic Archivists meditate on the mystery of time from their mountain peaks. As the sky begins to turn blood red, they slowly realize that it’s running out.

Tales like these are what Redsky is all about. What stories will you tell in the World Ship?


Nightriders thunder across the steppes of the Moon Realm in honor bound tribes atop their mighty steeds. One tribe almost conquered humanity. Others train elite corps of warriors. Some hunt on the dark side of the world, or stare down death itself in the frigid sub-zero wilds. 

Welcome to the World of Dema

  • Home to 6 completely different sentients and civilizations, each vying for territory and resources

  • 25+ unique locations

  • 20+ unique cultures

  • 100+ years of war, history, and other deep lore

  • A series of apocalyptic threats called ‘Redsky Events’ that eventually destroy the world in a crescendo of violence

Tap or click on the map to view it in detail!


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