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A New kind of apocalypse
is coming

Redsky is a science-fantasy world where brand new sentient peoples explore, settle, and clash in a fantastical iron-age world. The twist is that almost no one knows the truth about their world: they’re actually on the inside of a continent-sized spaceship.


One day, the Overseers who run the ship will turn the sky blood red and unleash apocalyptic threats that push the civilizations in the hull to the brink. Only one will survive.


Redsky is a total conversion for 5e. It includes more tactical and varied combat, a completely new alignment system, a brand new social encounter system, new weather and exploration mechanics, a new artifact system, new skills, classes, playable sentients, and more.



Join our email list this summer to receive a code discounting Redsky’s Core Rules ($6 MSRP) to get them for FREE.


We’re confident that you’ll like what you see and come back to check out the lore and beautiful art in the Redsky 5e Core Book.


As an added bonus, anyone who joins our email list (and checks out with the discounted core rules in the next 30 days) will be entered into our summer raffle. Five lucky participants will receive a free physical copy of our Core Book ($55 MSRP) at the end of July.

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