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Arise Kickstarter and the Future of Solar Studios

Hello Redsky fans! Brandon here to tell you that we're gearing up for a Kickstarter for Tyler Jae Gamba's awesome debut novel, Arise. Arise is the first full-length novel set in the Redsky universe, and there's more to come. You got the ebook if you backed the Redsky Core Book campaign, and now you can get Arise in hardcover, paperback, or audiobook if this project is successful!

Jayne Erindera is a Nightrider with a powerful but dangerous secret. She's been captured and enslaved by the invading Solar Hegemony, but her captors don’t realize that Jayne’s iron will is the key to uniting the forces of the Nightlands. Her quest for freedom will change the fate of Dema forever. Follow Jayne across the Midnight Sea and the Moon Realms as she battles terrifying sea monsters, Hegemony legionnaires, and her own inner turmoil, to free the city of Yaras from the grip of the Emperor. You’ll meet the unique species of the Redsky universe, adventure through the eternally dark Nightlands, learn about the philosophy of the Elements, and meet the conflicted legionnaire Tegan Cang.

Our Future Depends on This

It's been a long time since the Redsky Core Book Kickstarter in 2021. That was our first project, and we are all immensely proud of it. It wasn't without its flaws: we took a long time to deliver the book to you all. We learned so much about this industry and how it operates, and we're ready to start bringing you more content more quickly! However, we are at our financial limit. Solar Studios has been a passion project of the founders for a long time now. Running a company (even a small one like ours) can be expensive, even though we all work for free. If the Arise Kickstarter does not perform well, we may not be able to bring you the Redsky Board Game or a full-length Redsky campaign book.

If you liked the Redsky Core Book and want more content from us, help us out now! We dream of bringing you premium games and stories for many years to come. Follow Arise on Kickstarter and you'll get a high-quality book and much more from us in the future!


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