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Coming Soon: Redsky: The Boardgame!

Hey everyone, Alex here! I’ve got some big news. My team and I have been hard at work on a brand new project - Redsky: The Boardgame!

Note! All pictures are from very early prototypes - pieces, images, and art are not final!

Redsky: The Boardgame is a brand new strategy boardgame set in the Redsky universe.

Although I’m still polishing the gameplay (and we've just begun commissioning art), I’ve been play-testing and iterating on the game’s design for a little over a year and a half now. I am happy to report that the core gameplay experience is complete!

In this competitive 2-4 player boardgame (with plans for single-player and 5-player experiences!), you lead a civilization from the Redsky universe as it expands into a randomly generated world over 1-3 hours.

Some of the resources in early prototypes

There are roughly three stages of play.

In the early-game, you settle cities and cultivate the land to gather resources.

In the mid-game, you develop your own unique culture by picking up Virtue and Vice cards. Players use the powerful abilities from their cards to clash with other players for resources and land.

Finally, in the late-game you attempt to survive the onslaught of devastating ‘Redsky Era’ Event cards which threaten to wipe everyone out.

Another random orientation for the world map

If you already love the Redsky universe, in Redsky: The Boardgame we zoom out to look at the big picture.

You’ll lead one of the six iron-age peoples from the world of Redsky as they make a home for themselves in a new and fantastical world of grasslands, hills, forests, oceans, and more. The Redsky twist is that this world is secretly enclosed in the hull of continent-sized spaceship known as the World Ship.

The mysterious crew of the ship, known as the Overseers, leave you and your civilization to your own devices for a few hundred years (represented by the first few Rounds of play) while you settle new cities and cultivate the land. Once your civilization is established, the Overseers begin meddling in your affairs. In the end of the game – known as the Redsky Era – the Overseers turn the sky within the hull blood red and unleash apocalyptic threats to push your civilization to the brink of extinction.

From humble beginnings, will you lead your civilization to greatness? Will your people survive the Redsky apocalypse?

I can't wait for you all to find out. In the meantime, join our email list for development and art updates -- and don't miss our official announcement of the launch date next month!

We can't wait for you to explore this new game!


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