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Here We Go! Tomorrow Is the Redsky Fundraiser Launch

The Redsky 5e Conversion Book starts on Kickstarter tomorrow, May 18th!

Check out what's included here, or watch our brand new launch trailer!


What You Need To Know

We’ll keep this short, because how it feels being one day away from launch is an idea best put in the team’s own words below.

Once the Kickstarter fundraiser begins on Tuesday morning, May 18th, Solar Studios then has 30 days to raise at least $10,000 USD.

This is the minimum amount we need to create and distribute a product we are proud of.

The 5e conversion book is the premier place to explore our tabletop RPG gaming experience. Even if you don’t run tabletop campaigns, the book will be full of so much lore, it doubles as the codex for all Redsky media to come.

Anyone with a passing interest in Redsky can find something wonderful at whatever tier they back.

Reward Tiers and Stretch Goals

Speaking of tiers: there are different reward groups depending on the amount a backer pledges.

For example, the lowest amount, our $4 Supporter Bundle, includes a digital PDF of the game rules for those who are solely interested in mechanics.

It also unlocks a number of perks for the Redsky Discord, as well as a digital key to an exclusive membership zone called The Jade Feather on the Solar Studios website.

Last but not least, it gives early access to the full-length novel The Redsky Cycle, the first in lead writer Tyler Gamba’s trilogy set in the world of Dema.

All that, for just $4 or more.

The higher tiers add more and more items centered around the physical hardcover conversion book, and include all the rewards of the previous tiers.


But get this! There are even more additional items and expansions we can make to our book at certain milestones past $10,000. These are called stretch goals.

  • At $12,500 raised, we can upgrade the artwork with even more gorgeous illustrations to bring Dema to life in your book.

  • $15,000 raised will unlock a choice for backers at the higher tiers: they'll get to pick their favorite element and receive a limited-run custom enamel pin of its symbol.

  • If we get $20,000 or higher by Day 30, we can bring full virtual tabletop support to the most popular platforms like Roll20, Foundry VTT, Fantasy Grounds, and more!

We have new physical and digital stretch goals like this that will be revealed every time one is unlocked by the community. You'll be blown away by some of the things we can do with enough funding.

This way, we hope you can see how building momentum for the fundraiser benefits everyone involved. Show us to your friends! Anyone interested in epic storytelling and fun game nights with friends stands to benefit.

How Does The Team Feel?


"I had no idea what Redsky would become when I joined the team in 2019. Sitting here almost two years later, I look at all we have accomplished both as a team, and personally as art director, and I couldn't be more proud. Bringing the world of Dema into the visual realm has been the highest honor and the most rewarding thing I've done in my artistic career. I can't wait for everyone to crack open the book and explore every lovingly crafted detail, from the lore to the art.

Thank you everyone that has come along for this ride. Win, lose, or draw, we gave it everything we had. Dive into Redsky, we think you'll fall in love with Dema, just as much as we have."


“When I first got into the TTRPG hobby in college, I could never have imagined eventually getting to where I am now. I ran games of my own, sure, and some of them even involved current members of the Solar Studios team! Years later, Alex and Tyler introduced me to the Redsky world almost by accident. And now, my mind is lighting up with possibilities of the future. Planning adventures and mechanics built for this unique universe has been an absolute blast, and I’m thrilled to expose it to this wonderful community.”


"Redsky began as a little podunk project. A pair of scissors and my dad’s printer. My, oh my, how it’s grown.

I am so incredibly grateful to be a part of such a fantastic team. None of what’s been accomplished with Redsky 5e would have been possible without Tyler’s literary talent and sheer creative wit, Brandon’s technical genius and wicked web design, Ken’s mechanics crunching and linguistic loremastery, and Matt’s artistic divinity. Kissed by the angels of visual design, that one.

We might just be five guys (ha!) with a dream, but I hope that the quality of what we’ve created speaks for itself. So grab some peanuts and your closest friends, because boy, oh boy, do we have a story to share with you."


"I've been around table top games my whole life - I grew up reading my dad's DnD books and ogling Warhammer miniatures and Magic cards in the game stores he'd take me to. So now, it's like a childhood dream come true that we're at this point with Solar Studios, ready to launch this game book on Kickstarter. I can't wait to see what the future brings! With hope, this is just the start of our game making journey."


Ground Control to Major Tom. Ignition countdown, engines on...


If you want to support us in creating the Redsky RPG, please

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