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It Is Done! Reflecting on the Journey So Far

The Redsky 5e Kickstarter is Over, but It's Not Too Late To Late Pledge!

Check out what's included in the Redsky 5e Conversion Book here.


The End of a Journey; The Beginning of an Adventure

Hi, everyone! Alex here. If you're reading this, then the Kickstarter just wrapped up and we raised an astounding $66,000 for Redsky 5e, with 1100+ backers to boot!

Humble Beginnings, 2012

This is all a bit surreal. It seems like just yesterday that I was cutting out little paper cards in my dad’s living room. But no, that was 9 years ago. At that time, all I wanted to do was make a functioning game. To endlessly tweak it and toy with the mechanics. I was invested in the process, but I would be lying if I said I had any big plans.

Redsky was just a shadow of a dream to come. The game had five elements, but you wouldn’t recognize them now. It had an in-lore universe where five nonhuman civilizations were pitted against each other Hunger Games style, but most of their designs were lazy, uninspired, or both. Even then, however, there was real love. (Shout out to my Kraken Squid boys. You know who you are.)

In a lot of the ways that count, Redsky didn’t begin in earnest until I moved into Demarest Hall and shared it with my then college roommate Tyler. Together, we got to work rethinking the lore and world of Redsky. At some point I reworked the Elements and set out to philosophically define them from first principles. Hell, the whole project got renamed ‘Redsky.’

In short, I shared Redsky with Tyler and then it bloomed.

A year or so later, Brandon and Ken joined the team. The game got loads more testing and tweaking. We started the process of digitizing it. Cave Horrors swarmed their prey. Tyler got started on his book. Imperial Dreadlords marched with Impunity. We filed as an LLC.

In other words, Tyler and I shared Redsky with Brandon and Ken, and then it bloomed. Again. Huh.

Another year passed. We badly needed an Art Director to start the process of designing the look of Redsky, and so we reached out into the world to see who was interested. And then along came Matt.

O Captain, my Blood Captain!

Matt, to put it mildly, is an absolute mensch. A veritable titan of creativity, Matt breathed new life and vigor into Redsky. It was he that first suggested we produce a 5e total conversion book for Redsky. And here we are.

We shared Redsky with Matt, and it bloomed a third time.

Today, the Kickstarter campaign for Redsky 5e wrapped up, and we got to share our love of Redsky with over a thousand amazing, creative people. What do you think? Will it bloom again?

- Alex


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