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Yaras, The Greatest City of the Moon Realms

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City at night near the ocean fantasy
Trade hub, fortress, largest port in the Midnight Sea.

~~The Greatest City of the Moon Realms~~

Yaras is the largest city of the Moon Realms. Travelers arriving by sea will first eye the harbor’s jutting stone docks as they sail into the Bay of Yaras, a refuge of calm in otherwise choppy waters along the northern coast of the Midnight Sea. Docking among the creaking fishing trawlers and trade schooners with cargoes smelling of far-off cultures, the next step is through the nearest inter-neighborhood gate that protrudes from the thin, high walls obscuring vision from area to area.

Warrior fantasy woman posing armored
Yaras is guarded by members of the Ten Hundred, who are structured in a hereditary caste that swear vows of poverty.

~~The Ten Hundred~~

These gates are guarded by bronze-clad members of the Ten Hundred, or by occupying Hegemony legionnaires, depending on the Era. Of note are the barracks of the Ten Hundred, which act as training grounds and residential meeting halls. There is an especially high concentration of barracks around the Dais, where thralls have been bought and sold at auction for centuries.

~~Features of the City~~

During the Heroic Era, the labyrinthine single, double, and triple-story stone buildings of prosperous, pre-occupation Yaras brim with tea shops, taverns, inns, and restaurants serving up delicious cured meats and wines, all benefits of living in a trade city. Stalls in the Great Plaza are lined with a vast variety of spices. Rugs and homespun clothes hang from racks as customers haggle over the catches of the day with bartered materials or silver coins. As a common traveler’s saying goes: “One must get lost in Yaras to find themselves.”

Fantasy warrior and horse
Hardhoove virses are bred to be some of the most resilient in the Moon Realms.

Under Hegemony rule, by contrast, Yaras is packed with newly repurposed Churches of Sola, crimson-bannered military checkpoints, and slums bursting with the downtrodden. From the Hegemony occupation and onward, the largely native Hardhoove population becomes thoroughly mixed with Humans from wave after wave of colonization, all yearning for opportunities denied to them in the Daylands. The slave trade only accelerates under Hegemony control.

Except for those meeting with Heroic Era Hardhoove nobility or Uprising Era Hegemony officials, the twin peak mountains of Big Brother and Little Brother remained always in sight but ever out of reach. These imposing heights that enclose the west and east of the city are reserved for the finer neighborhoods and administrative buildings.

~~The Alcazar~~

The peak of Big Brother is headed by The Alcazar. Its gold topped parapets are the guardians of kings and queens of old. With its transition to Hegemony control at the turn of the Uprising Era, The Alcazar outlasted the royalty it once housed. It instead became the headquarters of the Hegemony’s Nightland bureaucracy. The Alcazar’s construction is as grand and ornate as the surrounding city walls are functional and fortified. With guard towers, wall forts, and numerous defenses, to take Yaras by land would require a besieging army to suffer unacceptable losses.

The fortunes of Yaras reflect the fortunes of all the Moon Realms. So long as the Hardhooves keep their impregnable home, the strength of the Monturyns has not failed. Will your experiences in Yaras live up to that hope?


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