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New Patreon For 5e Content and Tales from Dema

Hi, Redsky community. It's Tyler, the lead writer. For the Discord users, I'm the Jade Feather Busboy who often leaves replies to community members who join.

One of the dorks in question.

I'm here to tell you about the state of the company. The hundreds of Kickstarter backers and newer additions after 2021 deserve to know that your world of Dema is going through a change.

2023 has been a year of great change for all of us here at Solar Studios. We delivered the Core Book at the start of the year, and many of us have moved, graduated, or gone through other life-changing events. We have more content to share with you all, and are eager to do so. Our company is repositioning to deliver that content to you in several ways going forward through Kickstarter and a new Patreon outlet for 5e and Dema content.

We hope a new Patreon system with high-quality backer content can directly fund the relatively low needs of the company in these challenging times.

What will we deliver through these channels? Twice a month, we'll be delivering a chapter from Tales from Dema, which you can think of as being Redsky novel 1.5 after my first novel, Arise. Much of it is written already. As the chapters get released we'll also be releasing 5e items and monsters designed to complement our Redsky Core Book.

You see, Redsky and the dozens of unique cultures of Dema have a lot of stories still unwritten. Between our big projects, we want to deliver more content to you. We do not have the resources of the much larger indie studios we admire. However, the company's operating costs are meager compared to some of our favorite studios, like Kobold Press, Bioware, Firaxis, and Amplitude. The small contributions of patrons will help keep the dream of our startup going.

What other news do we have from Dema? Next month we'll be launching a new 5e module. We have Alexander Ioakimidis's stellar board game in production. The audiobook of Arise in its post-production editing. Even more adventures are on the way.

We hope that our community wants the World Ship to keep floating. We kindly ask you to consider supporting our new Patreon or subscribing to the Redsky Arise Kickstarter's pre-launch page.

Still on the fence? I'll say more about that after this: what made you interested in Dema?

Was it the art? Matt DeMino and the many artists we collaborated with helped create a gorgeously illustrated 5e experience. And that was only possible because we hit those stretch goals with you and your friends telling their friends. More people need to know about Redsky, so if you can't subscribe to our Patreon we ask you to show your friends the Redsky Core Book and the beautiful art within it.

Escape The Red Desert is a 5e module currently under production to be released soon.

Was it Arise? I have seen and experienced some unforgettable places as a lead writer for Solar Studios. I traveled to four countries promoting it and to workshop materials to create the blurbable fiction excerpts. My life would be unrecognizable without your faith in my friends, colleagues, and me. In a mark of my writing that hits me in the gut, people sometimes think of Jayne and Tegan when they're anxious or depressed and need a sympathetic character.

The power of writing is to remind us how much common ground we share, mentally, culturally, or otherwise.

I have high hopes for a community fiction contest where I could pay contributors to create new content accessible on our Discord and Jade Feather portion of the Solar Studios website.

Thank you for your time and always for your support. Check out what the Redsky Kiva was able to do for charitable support to more than one thousand people. Through microfinance to underprivileged students and entrepreneurs, this community empowered hundreds of people across more than sixty countries. Globally, we cared for the people and places that inspired Dema. We include you in empowering us to do that.

Thank you for backing us in 2021 and hopefully this October. Talking to all of you has been one of the finest privileges of my life.

-Tyler, Sarah, Brandon, Alex, Ken, and Matt


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