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Please Give A Warm Welcome To Team Member 6 - Sarah!

Welcome, or welcome back, to the world of Redsky! The stories of Dema have been handcrafted by the Solar Studios team. Now, we'd like to put a spotlight on Sarah Lawrence, who is joining the team.

Hi! My name is Sarah Lawrence, and I’m the new marketing lead here at the Solar Studios/Redsky team.

This means I’m largely responsible for social content, some sales and content strategy, communications, and community engagement.

All things considered, I was a semi-late adopter of Dungeons & Dragons. Sure, I dabbled in some TTRPGs in college (who doesn’t?) but it wasn’t until grad school - where I found myself in a new city, trying to make friends and survive my thesis - that I endeavored to finally find a group to play D&D with. Roll20 proved indispensable.

(Did you know there are Redsky 5e character sheets on Roll20 now?)

I found a solid group and rolled up an elf druid, who died via Deck of Many Things a few sessions later. I wouldn’t recommend trying to pull eleven cards if you can help it.

When I moved to Texas two years later, I was again in a new place, so I turned to tabletops to make friends. A game of Call of Cthulhu got me invited to a waffles & beer birthday party and friends for life.

I’ve DM’d professionally some and even been a cast member on an actual-play podcast for a time.

I met Matt DeMino through World of Warcraft, and when he asked if I’d be interested in interviewing, I was hyped. I’d already backed the Kickstarter, and the world of Dema was mega intriguing, and here was an opportunity to get in on the ground floor and be a part of the founding team.

There’s a lot to explore yet - so keep an eye out for new stuff, announcements, and more opportunities to link up with the devs (have you joined the Discord?) and hopefully say ‘hi’ at some conventions soon.



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