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The Books are Stateside! Shipping, VTT Updates, and More

Hey everyone, Alex here with the latest update for you about the current state of Redsky's delivery and VTT/adventure development.

We appreciate your patience over the last month as the books made their long voyage across the Pacific.

We're very excited to report:

The Books are Stateside!

Huzzah! The books are within reach!

We received a confirmation that they arrived in the port of Los Angeles on January 7th. Next, they will be loaded onto trucks bound for New Jersey, where Solar Studios' fulfillment provider Fulfillrite is based.

The books should arrive in Fulfillrite's hands sometime in the next 2-3 weeks. All standard copies of the Redsky Core Book will ship to the front doors of US customers using USPS media mail, 2-10 days thereafter.

So if you live in the US and you purchased a standard edition version of the book, you can expect the book on your front door in roughly 3-4 weeks!


International customers will have to wait a bit longer, since international shipping will take a bit longer than shipping within the US, depending on where you live.

Finally, Overseer edition customers -- those who are set to receive signed Overseer edition copies of the Redsky Core Book -- will have to wait an extra 1-2 weeks. This extra time is for us to receive and transport the special edition copies from Fulfillrite, organize a team get together to sign all of the special edition copies, and then to return them to Fulfillrite for final delivery.


Roll20 Character Sheets!

In other news, we're happy to announce that Redsky's Roll20 character sheet is finished and will soon be available on the platform within 2 weeks!

The initial plan was for a fully original custom sheet, but ultimately that idea was scrapped because we can deliver a modified version of the official 5e sheet to you much faster! Our version has additional space for custom Redsky attributes such as Touch AC and the Social Score, as well as the custom Redsky skills and other tweaks.

A sample character using Redsky's Roll20 character sheet.

As for other VTTs: work on integrating Redsky with Foundry and Shard are next on our VTT roadmap. We will be developing a module for Foundry rather than a full system. The goal is to have characters in Foundry that have our distinct rules enabled (Touch AC, Social Score, Armor protection and weaknesses). This will also be possible in Shard via custom stat block attributes. In both these cases, the modifications will be laid on top of the core 5e ruleset for each respective system.

A New Adventure and a New Team Member!

We're happy to announce that Redsky 5e's 2nd adventure, Escape the Red Desert, is on track to be completed soon, and will be available next month (February). It will feature vehicle mechanics as players sail Featherfolk sand ships known as shiseli across the perilous hellscape of the Red Desert.

Be wary of the strigoi!

Redsky 5e's 1st adventure, Into the Shieldwoods, has been thoroughly tweaked since the last playtest. It's an open world adventure that really lets Redsky's environment and survival rules shine.

Those who backed us on Kickstarter will receive Into the Shieldwoods for free. For non-backers, it's now available for purchase on our store.


Last but not least, we are very proud to announce that Solar Studios will soon have a sixth member! Sarah will be joining the team to help us with marketing and social media. She will be assisting with post-launch outreach, advertising, and social media for Redsky 5e and for all our future projects!

If you see us on social media or hear about us from one of your favorite influencers at some point in the next couple months, you might have Sarah to thank!


That's all for now! Don't forget to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Discord.

Once again, thank you so much for your patience with us as we finally deliver Redsky 5e.

We know it's been a long wait, but we hope the quality of the final book will speak for itself. I just hope you are all as excited as I am to finally have the book in my hands in all its 300+ page glory.

- Alex


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