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The Simulacrum: When Overseers Recreate The Entire Universe!

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What Is the Simulacrum?

Hi there! In the jumble of content we put out several months ago, a pretty cool aspect of Redsky's lore was talked about in another article some of you may not have seen. We're reproducing it here to show off its implications.


After expending an unfathomable amount of energy and resources, The Overseers are able to recreate digital simulations of the events of an entire hull cycle after its Redsky Era has finished. From the smallest single ripple of water to the ultimate fate of a species, the histories, cultures, even individual thoughts of every inhabitant of Dema can be simulated and replayed countless millions more times.

Alterations can even be made, seeing how a cascading effect on one changed action can exponentially radiate out down the entire timeline and remold what is functionally a new reality.

While philosophically it is uncertain if these many alternate versions of Dema’s inhabitants are alive, they certainly think and feel as though their lives are concrete and have meaning. New Dema characters can be inserted into cultures, creating vastly different outcomes to politics, adventures, and warfare. New locations and even insertions of peoples and places from other cycles are experimented with by specially assigned Overseers called the Begetters tasked with nurturing these worlds.

For the community, we’d like to think this means almost any fun, creative story you and your friends tell that deviates from the ‘hard canon’ of the lore we create still happens in some capacity. At minimum, your stories are an entire branch within The Simulacrum with ideas so meaningful, The Overseers themselves thought it merited spawning a reality. We hope you enjoy using this sandbox we’ve created.

Who knows? If a person, place, event, or idea is shared among the community, and resonates enough with both devs and fans, plenty of official additions to the ‘hard canon’ of Dema’s prime story would be our privilege to add.


In the coming days, there's going to be a lot of exciting stuff going on

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