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The Wonders of Eldertech

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Scattered throughout the world of Dema are mysterious and powerful devices known as Eldertech. Every culture of Dema prizes these artifacts in some respect. They are miraculous contraptions that few fully understand. They range in usefulness and purpose from a sword that moves back and forth like a saw in sunlight to the legendary Archicon that sustains the entire population of Etherea. One can easily spot Eldertech - characterized by the tough, blue colored metal that they are all made from.

To possess an Eldertech artifact is to wield ancient power. The best smiths, sages, and inventors of the land pale in comparison to whatever left these devices behind. Prolific users of Eldertech often become synonymous with their devices - like the Depth Rig Divers of Clan Khar or the sand ships of the Red Desert’s Amshili. The gear of famous adventures will turn the tides of battle - it will open a new world of possibilities and set your characters apart from the common rabble. Every piece of Eldertech is a unique find. Even if two share the same function, they’ll have their own quirks that make them different.

The world of Dema lacks any magic. Where there would be spells and enchantments that propel characters to legendary heroism, the characters you play in Redsky will be enhanced by Eldertech to do the same. They are based in science fiction, but as Arthur C. Clark said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

This is where we invite your creativity. What fantastical gizmos and contraptions do you want in the stories you tell here? How will your characters react to a lance that emits toxic gas or an orb that petrifies the flesh of those who touch it? Will you make a fortune selling these artifacts to the great powers of the world, or will you hoard them and try to emulate the power of whoever left the Eldertech behind? We invite game masters and players alike to dream up their own Eldertech. To get you started, here are 5 examples from the Redsky Core Book.


Hardlight Arrow Quiver

Wonderous Item, Rare

This quiver sets itself apart from others quickly from its soft blue glowing light. Its Eldertech components softly hum and smell of ozone. Inside the stiff, Eldertech device, rest arrows that seem to be made out of light itself. They still feel firm to the touch and will pierce any target, at the cost of destroying the arrow on impact.

This quiver contains 20 arrows composed of blue light and static electricity. They can be used in any regular short or long bow and fired like normal. They make an illuminated blue streak from the user to the target, like a straight bolt of lightning. In addition to the regular damage that it would deal, you deal an additional (1d6) lightning damage. The target must also must make a DC 15 Constitution saving throw or be stunned for the next (1d6) rounds. If the target is wearing metal armor, they make this saving throw with disadvantage.

At dawn, this quiver creates (3d6+3) arrows. It cannot contain more than 20 arrows at one time.


The Drake’s Tongue

Martial Melee Weapon (Whip), Uncommon

Unactivated, this whip is seemingly innocuous. It fits the style of whips from Mundi’s past slave owning masters - the Scions. Its thin handle curves ergonomically into a wielder's grip, with the activation button right where the thumb should rest. The tightly woven cord of metal fibers reaches out sinisterly and ends in smaller strands. Upon activating the device, the cord glows bright yellow with burning heat.

This weapon has 6 charges. When activated, the next strike you land deals an additional (1d4) fire damage. Instead of making a melee attack, you may instead attempt to grapple a target in range. When making the grapple check, you instead make an attack roll vs an opposed Dexterity (acrobatics) check. After this initial check, characters in the grapple follow the normal grapple rules. At the start of each grappled creature’s turns, they take 1d4 fire damage.

This weapon regains (1d4-1) charges per hour it is left in a fire.

Regenerative Ichor

Wonderous Item, Rare

This Eldertech thermos contains a sweet smelling fluid with the consistency of warm honey. It is always room temperature, regardless of the outside environment. The container holds up to 10 doses of the ichor, removing (1d6-1) from this total when discovered.

Upon consuming a dose of the ichor, you heal (1d4+2) hit points at the start of each turn for 1 minute. At the start of each of these rounds, if you took no damage the previous turn, you also gain temporary hit points equal to your constitution modifier plus your proficiency bonus.


Wraith Weave Cloak

Wondrous Item, Very Rare (Requires Focus)

This cloak is made of flexible, Eldertech woven panels. Only a handful have been found in the history of Dema. They have been used to sneak lone assassins into the courts of kings, or slip past the dungeon guardians of lost civilizations.

Upon activation, it shows what is on the other side of the wearer, rendering the target invisible. You gain advantage on Dexterity (stealth) check, and an additional +10 to Dexterity (stealth) checks if you did not move in your previous turn.

If you take a dash action, you lose the benefits of this item until you spend one turn stationary.

The Tenaybre’s Razor

Martial Melee Weapon (Long Sword), Rare

An Eldertech sword colder than the harshest winds found in the darkest part of the world, the Tenaybre. It hisses and releases a cold fluid that gives the blade its extra bite.

This weapon has up to 8 charges. When you hit a creature with this weapon, you may choose to expend 1 charge. If you do, you deal an additional (1d6) cold damage if using one hand or (2d4) cold damage if using two hands. Creatures hit with this weapon must make a DC 13 Constitution saving throw, making its next Strength or Dexterity check with disadvantage if it fails to save.

This item regains 1 charge for every hour it is kept out of direct sunlight.


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