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How to Fit Any Character Into Dema's Alignments

The Redsky 5e Kickstarter is Over, but It's Not Too Late To Late Pledge!

Check out what's included in the Redsky 5e Conversion Book here.

Elemental Dualism was dreamed of in The Gilded States, home to the great Featherfolk thinkers.

Welcome to the final part of the Community Creation Kit! Check out Part 1 and Part 2 here. We have just finished securing a dedicated, passionate team of dozens of playtesters for Redsky 5e's gameplay material. These trailblazers will lay the foundation for all the great adventures you'll take your characters on. But what might drive these unique heroes and villains? The Elements!

Elemental Dualism has been our pleasure to share with the many friends we've made while creating Redsky. The traits of your characters and organizations are shaped by the fun combinations you make when selecting three of the six Elements to orient your creations towards. If you need a primer on the features of each Element, check out this infographic.

(And check out these articles to explore The Elements more in depth!)

What would a Fire-Earth-Void Nightrider do to avoid violence in an encounter compared to a Water-Air-Aether Archivist? Would your company of Water-Earth-Void adventurers handle a political crisis differently than the Fire-Air-Aether leaders in power? What are the Elements of your favorite non-Redsky characters? What are your own?

To help you flesh out your characters' personality according to the Elements, Alex and I made these tables. Each Element's table contains 8 virtues and 8 vices unique to that Element.

When coming up with a character for Redsky, try rolling an eight-sided-die on these tables to help shape your character's personality. We recommend rolling for 2-3 virtues and 1 vice - 1 to 2 virtues and vice from your "primary element" and an extra virtue from one of your "secondary elements." How do these traits interact with each other? Do they come into conflict? Will your character's actions align with or contradict their Elements? How will your character change over time?

We hope this extra context gives you all the resources you need to come up with compelling personalities to populate your unique takes on Dema. If there is any other information you think should be in the Content Creation Kit, let us know on the Redsky Discord! We'll update these articles as needed, or add a fourth entry if the topic is big enough. Happy playing!


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