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Announcing the Redsky 5e Starter Kit, Coming Soon to Kickstarter.

Greetings, fans of Redsky! We're excited to announce the next item in our family of products: the Redsky 5e Starter Kit. Get your friends and family to try Redsky with this affordable box set that will contain everything you need to run or play your first game!

The Redsky 5e Starter Kit will launch on Kickstarter in the early summer, and will contain:

  • A Starter Kit Introductory Adventure: The Vault of Panacea. This softcover book holds an adventure is designed to walk new players through the mechanics of 5e in Redsky. Venture to a hidden temple deep in the Panacean Jungle to investigate rumors of a massive vault of powerful Eldertech artifacts.

  • The Redsky Starter Rules, a softcover book containing a simplified and streamlined version of the Redsky system.

  • Custom Redsky Dice, a full set of polyhedral dice that can only be obtained through the Starter Kit.

  • Six full-color Redsky Character Sheets with pre-generated characters. Skip the hassle of teaching players to make a new character by using our provided characters to get started quickly.

  • Six Character Quick Start Guides. Nobody enjoys passing a rule book around a table, so each pre-generated character is accompanied by a Quick Start guide that summarizes their abilities, personality, and more.

  • Redsky Box. The Redsky 5e Starter Kit will be delivered in a handsome, high-quality box with original artwork.

A human harnessing the power of Eldertech guantlets.
The Starter Kit Introductory Adventure will be heavily focused on acquiring and investigating Eldertech.

Our materials and design for the Starter Kit are already far along in development and will be ready for production by the time the Kickstarter campaign begins. That means we'll be ready to manufacture the Starter Kit immediately after the conclusion of the campaign, and barring any unexpected manufacturing or shipping delays, it will be in your hands very quickly!

In the next few days, we will be making another announcement post outlining our plans for development and delivery of the Starter Kit and the Redsky Boardgame. Keep your eyes peeled and as always, thanks for your support! (PS if you're not signed up for updates yet, hop on our mailing list!


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