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The Redsky 5e Conversion Book is launching on Kickstarter May 18th!

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Hello, explorers, adventurers, and friends. We are Solar Studios, and we would like to take you on a journey. Our team of creative minds have been building settlements, crafting creatures, and recording history for years. The result is the world of Redsky.

The genres of fantasy and science fiction have birthed innumerable worlds. Redsky blends the two together to generate a tapestry of societies, each exposing different facets of human experience and philosophy. Six sapient species inhabit a landscape they call Dema. Friendships are forged and wars are waged with sword and spear as these civilizations clash over resources. The technological remnants of a long-vanished precursor species loom over the leaders of these times, and each artifact uncovered grants an advantage that could be minor or critical. Meanwhile, the academics spend countless hours debating the greater mysteries: What lies beyond the mountains that encircle these lands, or beyond the southwestern sea? Why is there no trace of the elder race besides these mysterious artifacts? How did the eternal fire of the sun, set fixed in the Eastern sky, come into being? If you want the spoiler-heavy full window into our lore, then this post should get you started. We are bursting with excitement to share these stories with you. Every member of the team here at Solar Studios has a different set of skills that have been brought to bear on this creation. The idea was simple: creative impulse comes in many forms, and creative people often have different skills and hobbies. If multiple people communicate and start building from a shared foundation, they can add their artistic voice and vision to the richness of that foundation.

Redsky was a collaborative world by design, with contributions and fingerprints from every member of our collective. It has a rich and detailed history with diverse themes, and we intend to use the world as a springboard for multiple different creative ventures. The first and most natural project is a tabletop role-playing game. We have molded Redsky into a 5th edition setting with unique and original gameplay additions, with plans to release multiple adventure modules to further explore the world of Dema. This website will serve as the main hub for development progress and communication. We will also integrate it into our Kickstarter campaign to be launched early next year. As we draw closer to the launch time, we will continue to post new content that demonstrates the breadth and scope of Redsky, as well as the different themes explored in the lore and details about the development of the game. Join our mailing list and stick with us as we bring this world to life! And don’t forget, this is only the beginning. In addition to the RPG, a full-length novel set in the world of Redsky is underway, as well as other projects we are not yet ready to reveal. This journey will be a long one, and we cannot wait to begin.

Brandon Gurwitz CEO, Solar Studios LLC


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